With your help, 350 girls will be able to attend school learning to read and write in a region where only 53% of women are literate.

The J.B.Singh Girls’ School is located in Kaliyachak village in Hilsa block, Nalanda district. It was opened and run by a local community based organisation, Samaj Kalyan Mandal, in 1999 to cater to the needs of girls who found travelling out of their village to the nearest school 10 km away something that their families were reluctant to permit. 

Unfortunately a lack of funding forced the school to shut down in 2009 after 9 years of functioning. Most of the girls were forced to drop out after the closure of this school. A reopening of the school will guarantee an immediate enrollment of at least 350 girls in the classes 1 to 10. Samaj Kalyan Mandal anticipates this number to grow to 400 or more.

You can help us provide annual operating funds for the school enabling 350 girls in rural Bihar to get an education.

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