Ñaa Ñanga Animal - Horse

Sebastiana, Natividad, Rosalia and Rosario are women from the community of San Pablo Tijaltepec. Together, they form the group Ñaa Ñanga, which in Mixtec means "Women of Toys". Like the other women in San Pablo Tijaltepec, they wear their traditional clothing everyday of the year. From their childhood, they inherited the knowledge of artisanal textiles thanks to their mothers and grandmothers who taught them to weave, embroider and make their blouses, skirts and shawls themselves. 

The textile animals of the Ñaa Ñanga collection are born from workshops conducted by CADA Foundation as a means of community outreach. The blouse of San Pablo Tijaltepec is the icon of the women of this community and it is from this textile piece that the Ñaa Ñanga collection is developed. It is born from the women's collective imagination as transmitters of cultural values between generations. 

Your purchase of this cultural icon supports the Social Exchange through Design workshops of CADA Foundation

Each animal is approximately 8" tall and 8" nose to tail. Sewn from cotton fabric and hand embroidered. Each animal comes in a hand embroidered pouch. Each item is handmade and colors may vary from picture.


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