Catrinka Love Scarf

Simple handwoven elegance, bearing LOVE as the message of the day. The LOVE text flips orientation in the middle so the text is never read upside down. This scarf is light, airy, divinely soft and blends traditional craft, modern pattern and a timeless message.  A perfect gift for anyone you want to wrap up in LOVE.

Jamdani is a supplementary weft technique of weaving that dates to the third century BC and is traditionally woven in and around Dhaka, Bangladesh on a brocade loom. Each supplementary weft motif is added separately by hand by interlacing the weft threads into the warp with fine bamboo sticks using individual spools of thread.

Derived from the Persian words 'Jam', meaning flower, and 'Dani', a vase or a container, Jamdani is named for its ornate patterns and has been named by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The scarf was designed in collaboration between Catrinka and Sonica Sarna Design and woven by Maloti in West Bengal, India. 

100% handwoven, jamdani cotton
Size is 32" x 78"


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