Xaquixe Handblown Glass Tejocate - Medium - Violet

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Handblown glass container, spherically shaped with a slight, semi-flat base, a shape inspired by the“tejocote” fruit silhouette.  Transparent piece with wisps of color. Made to order in 3 sizes and 6 assorted colors. 

Large holds 45.6 oz (1350 ml) and is approximately 5.3" x 5.7"
Medium holds 25.4 ox (750 ml) and is approximately 4.33" x 5.31"
Small holds 5.1 oz (150 ml) and is 3.15" x 3.34"

Price shown is US retail.  Please email us at sales@sproutenterprise.net if you would like to place a wholesale order at FOB Oaxaca prices.