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J. B. Singh Girls' School in Kaliyachak in Rural Bihar, India


Kaliyachak Girls School in Rural India ​ ​

Too many children in rural India do not attend school during the day. They work collecting drinking water, fetching firewood, or tending animals and other essential domestic work for their families. Most often, girls are taking care of these chores and are not in school.

Whether or not a girl goes to school -- and stays in school -- has a profound effect on her and on her future family. Staying in school longer means she will likely marry later, earn a higher wage, have a healthier family and send her own children to school. Your gift helps to create this positive ripple effect.

With your help and in partnership with Foundation for Rural Recovery and Development, (FORRAD), we have helped to open a school for girls in a region where only 53% of women are literate.

Kaliyachak Girls School Report, May 2018 > 

Kaliyachak Girls School Report, January 2018 >

Kaliyachak Girls School Proposal, December 2015 >

Auditor's Report, May 2018 >

Kaliyachak Girls School in rural Bihar, India

 You Can Give the Gift of Education to Girls in Rural India.

You can help support the Kaliyachak Girls School in rural India by making a donation and telling your friends and family about the impact of girls' education. 
100% of your contribution will be provided to FORRAD to support the education of girls in rural India.

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If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your donation to us:

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