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Avani Tibetan Wool Shawl in Tawny Beige, Cream & Soft Blue

$39.95 USD $79.95 USD

Tibetan sheep wool makes this shawl extremely warm and sturdy. This wool comes from the Tibetan plateau where the sheep are reared in the high-altitude Himalayas. Avani artisans then spin, dye and weave the yarn.

Initially, this wool may feel a bit rough, but it softens with washing and has a very long life. A checkerboard pattern is woven from naturally dyed, handspun yarns in tawny beige, cream and soft blue.

Shawl is 20" x 78" with a 3" fringe, an ample size to use as a throw.

Dry clean or gentle hand wash with mild soap. Do not machine dry. Colors and sizes may vary slightly as all items are handcrafted.