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El Camino de Los Altos Pillow Covers - Toj

El Camino de los Altos pillow covers are handwoven by master weavers from the highlands of Chiapas in southern Mexico. Using traditional backstrap looms, these indigneous women weave intricate designs by adding colored, mercerized cotton yarn into the warp and weft. 

Toj striped pillow covers are available in ochre/black, quetzal blue/black and red/black. Shown with the Toj striped pillows in ochre/black and quetzal blue/black are Palma pillows.

Striped pillow cover woven on back-strap loom with 100% mercerized cotton. Pillow insert is not included.

Dry clean only.

35 x 50 centimeters (approximately 14" x 20")

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