Give the Gift of a Sustainable Future to the Potters of Oaxaca

Your generous gift will help Innovando la Tradición to increase the symbolic, economic and cultural value of Oaxacan pottery to ensure a sustainable future for the potters of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

Innovando la Tradición is a multidisciplinary non-profit and a sustainable design project providing a creative platform where artisans, designers and artists share skills, knowledge and stories to rethink and honor the ceramic traditions of Oaxaca. The organization offers services to potters and pottery communities in Oaxaca to support the development and continuation of their craft.

Through your contribution, you will join the Huajes Valley Network,  the group of chefs, artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and cultural promoters, who are working together to ensure the future of clay in Oaxaca through four strategic movements over the next ten years.

Sprout Enterprise® has partnered with Innovando la Tradición, since 2010 for the distribution and sale of Colectivo 1050º pottery.