Saving Rhinos: Turning Poo into Paper

August 09, 2015

Saving Rhinos: Turning Poo into Paper

Photo credit: Chirodeep Chaudhuri

Two thousand of the world’s 2,500 Asian one-horned rhinos live in this northeastern state of Assam, but the rhino population is dwindling rapidly because of poaching and sprawl. Mahesh Bora says the farmers who live on the edge of the rhino's forest habitat often see them only as a menace to crops, or a cash opportunity with poachers.

“No amount of telling them to save the rhino is actually going to work,” he says. “But nothing works better than economic dependence. If they get some livelihood from rhinos, they’ll always try to save it.”

-- Mahesh Bora, founder, Elrhino Paper

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