Sprout Enterprise® 2023 Impact Report: Funding Business Development

January 01, 2024

2023 Sprout Enterprise® Impact Report

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods for Rural Communities.

Created by Sprout Enterprise® in partnership with Realize Impact, the R.I.S.E. Artisan Fund invests in early stage artisan enterprises addressing three key impact investment themes:women’s empowerment

  • sustainability

  • climate change.

This year, we invested in Karghewale and ÉCHALE, and funded market development initiatives of seven companies from seven countries. We also continue to provide marketing and business development support to our e-commerce sites  www.tilonia.com and www.sproutenterprise.net.

Bibi Hanum Chilote Shoes Du Anyam Fair Weave
Savanna Baskets Studio Coppre Xaquixe Du Xhil - San Bartolo YautepecDu Xhil - San Bartolo Yautepec


Since inception, we have provided:

  • More than $1.63 million in sustainable development grants internationally.

  • Generated more than $765,000 in international sales augmenting the growth of our partners.

  • Promoted more than 40 artisan enterprises generating livelihoods for more than 6,200 artisans and farmers.

  • Created economic opportunities for women and girls in rural India.

This year, we provided funding to support:

Creating a Reinvestment Cycle.

R.I.S.E Artisan Fund deploys capital using a range of investment vehicles from grants to revenue-based equity investments while seeking a return of capital for further investment, creating a reinvestment cycle that multiplies the catalytic impact of philanthropic capital.

We expect these artisan enterprises to have defined and track impact metrics aligned with one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The enterprises in our impact portfolio have a clear mission to increase incomes to underserved communities, preserve heritage craft, and address the environmental impact of their production.

Funding Business Development of Artisan Enterprises.

R.I.S.E Artisan Fund partners with ByHand Consulting, Powered by People, and Trade+Impact in implementing our market development grant program. Initial funding for the program has been provided by the Rucker/Gibbs Family Charitable Fund.

Funding by the Marvin and Sylvia Rubin Family Foundation supported the social design project leading to the formation and launch this year of the weavers’ collective Du Xhil - San Bartolo Yautepec.

An annual grant by So Hum Foundation supports our partnership with Hatheli Sansthan and the operation of www.tilonia.comcreating livelihoods for artisans in rural India.

Sprout Enterprise® 2023 Impact Report

Make an Impact.

Our portfolio of impact opportunities includes artisan enterprises:

  • empowering women by creating local and home- based income opportunities, valuing their skills and knowledge, and improving the quality of life for their families,

  • operating sustainably by reusing and recycling waste materials, sourcing local, natural materials, and honoring local traditions and cultures,

  • fighting climate changethrough innovations in clean energy, reforestation and biodiversity.

We make it easy for you to become an impact investor by using your philanthropic capital to support the enterprises in our portfolio.

Learn more about these impact opportunities and join us in making an impactVisit www.riseartisan.fund