Rabha Women Weavers Handwoven Shawl - Black & White

The Rabha Women Weavers Association based in West Bengal was launched in early 2016 with seed funding from Sprout Enterprise®.  Sixteen Rabha women received training, initial supplies and materials, and support for design development and marketing during the association's first year of operation from  Sarmistha Lahiri, founder and secretary ofHast Karigar Society, a membership based organization of traditional artisans, weavers and folk painters. 

Sales of handwoven textiles, like this shawl, which these women weavers produce now provide an income to these women as well as provide support for the ongoing operation of the association for marketing and sales support. 

Wear as a lightweight shawl for summer evenings, or as a colorful throw across your sofa, for beautiful, boho-style.

Handwoven cotton shawl, 24" x 82" with a 2" fringe

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