El Sombrerón

"People used to say that the Sombrerón had made Manuela go crazy in love. She was not the same as before ever since he cam to visit her under her window singing with his guitar and big hat. People always heard the sound of the heels of his shoes. They barely could see him. They said he was a little bit taller than one meter. Poor Manuela, she was so skinny and pale!"

- Don Pablo

El Sombrerón is approximately 9" with his hat.
Handmade. Screen printed natural cotton with polyfiber filling. He wears a hat of woven palm and carries a small guitar.

The selection of Tentis characters we offer are not toys as some of them have small parts which could become detached and are not suitable for children less than 12 years old.  Tentis does offer a new series that is suitable for children.  Please visit their website for more details on their series for children.


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