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El Cipitio

"When I was young and bathed in the river, I always felt that when someone threw rocks at me, it was the Cipitio. When he climbed the Conacaste, he was always watching and making fun of us. You should be careful with that little rascal, don't go alone to the river."

- La niña Mari

El Cipitio is approximately 9" with his hat.
Handmade. Screen printed natural cotton with polyfiber filling. He wears a hat of woven palm and carries a small gourd.

The selection of Tentis characters we offer are not toys as some of them have small parts which could become detached and are not suitable for children less than 12 years old.  Tentis does offer a new series that is suitable for children.  Please visit their website for more details on their series for children.


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