Sprout Enterprise® 2022 Impact: Investing in Artisan Enterprises

March 03, 2023

Sprout Enterprise® 2022 Impact: Investing in Artisan Enterprises

Craft Is the Original Circular Economy.

The craft story today is in many ways what the story of craft has always been – of artisans making use of waste, left over or found materials, of design and innovation to perform the alchemy of material transformation into a product of function and beauty, of expressing and sharing cultural and community values, and of telling the stories of each generation.

Sprout Enterprise® 2022 Impact Report

The Alchemy of Enterprise

Investing in artisan enterprises improves the quality of life and creates a sustainable future for rural communities in emerging markets.

These enterprises deliver increased income for marginalized communities in remote areas; better economic and education opportunities for women and girls; less waste and environmental damage; cleaner air and water; and more efficient use of resources.

We need dignified livelihoods that provide alternatives to subsistence farming, or migration for work in distant urban centers. Without sustainable economic development in rural areas, we will continue to experience dysfunction as a global society and economy. 

We need the positive impact that comes from the holistic way these enterprises operate as part of the local economies they work to develop.

Since inception, we have:

  • Provided more than $1.58 million in international grants funding sustainable development initiatives in rural communities benefiting more than 2 million people.

  • Generated more than $765,000 in the growth of our artisan partners since our inception.

  • Promoted more than 30 artisan enterprises generating livelihoods for more than 4,000 artisans and farmers.

This year, we provided funding to support:

  • Sales and marketing support for 30 artisan enterprises creating livelihoods in rural communities in India, Mexico, Guatemala, Cambodia, Indonesia and Pakistan.

  • Textile design workshops with the weavers of San Bartolo Yautepec in Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • The Kaliyachak Girls' School in rural Bihar, India.

  • Promotion of impact investment opportunities with 22 early stage artisan enterprises to impact investors and funders.


Invest in ArtisanEnterprises.

We deploy capital using a range of impact investment vehicles from grants to revenue-based equity investments while seeking a return of capital for further investment, creating a reinvestment cycle that multiplies the catalytic impact of philanthropic capital.

Support Girls’ Education.

In partnership with Foundation for Rural Recovery and Development (FORRAD), we support the Kaliyachak Girls' School in rural Bihar, India, providing education and vocational training to more than 140 girls.
Photograph courtesy of Vipul Sangoi.


Promote Impact Opportunities.

We introduced 22 inspiring entrepreneurs to impact investors, and promoted their entrepreneurial stories through social media, podcasts and investment forums.

R.I.S.E. Artisan Fund was selected as one of the Transformative 25 Funds of 2022.



Make an Impact. Invest in Artisan Enterprises.