The Art of Turning Mud into Beauty

July 12, 2019

The Art of Turning Mud into Beauty

1050° is the temperature at which tradition and modernity merge to turn mud into beauty.

Fifteen years ago, fascinated by the centuries-old wisdom of pottery, I started a journey of learning and transformation by taking on the quest of building up a hybrid company rooted in the earth: Colectivo 1050° and its partner in crime Innovando la Tradición. We’re an artisan-owned cooperative that offers contemporary clay homeware and accessories, born by fire in Oaxaca, Mexico, rooted in traditional cultures, and finely adapted to modern urban life and desires.

Our pottery is the result of collaborative design methods and of ongoing conversations that are part of an effort to support the economic well-being of the indigenous potters –90% women– who sustain a centuries-old strong heritage and source of knowledge in the extremely rich and diverse state of Oaxaca.

– Kythzia Barrera

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