La Cuyancua

"My grandpa used to tell me that near the Atecozol pool in Izalco, a very loud screech  was always heard before a storm. He told me that it was the Cuyancua, a big creature half pig and half snake. Those squeaks were so loud that they made him shake in fear."

La  niña Irma

La Cuyancua is approximately 16" with tail fully extended.
Handmade. Screen printed natural cotton with polyfiber filling and embedded wire in tail for wrapping character to a pole or other support.

The selection of Tentis characters we offer are not toys as some of them have small parts which could become detached and are not suitable for children less than 12 years old.  Tentis does offer a new series that is suitable for children.  Please visit their website for more details on their series for children.


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