Translate Pillow Cover - Jigsaw with Black Border

Translate creates home textiles in handwoven ikat, a dyeing technique used to create a pattern in textiles by tying the yarns tightly to resist the dye. The textile pattern is created by the placement of the knots.  Single ikat is the tie-and-dye of either the warp (warp ikat) or weft (weft Ikat) yarns while double ikatis the tie-and-dye of both warp and weft yarns.

Handwoven ikat cotton with jigsaw bud motifs in black and natural white with pops of red and blue. Black border is on left (not as pictured). Choose a pair or mix and match with any of the pillows in this collection.

Pillow cover is 18" x 18" with an envelope closure in a plain back. Pillow insert is not included.


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